The Woodsmalls Are Back

Listen To Their (Previously Unreleased)
Exclusive VIP Interview For FREE!

...Lot's of people have been asking questions about the Woodsmalls sudden disappearance from the Internet Marketing scene... well, all of these questions (and more) are answered in their EXCLUSIVE Interview and VIP Access Page. It's time to quell the rumors and set the record straight we got on the phone and asked them all your questions FOR YOU!

Here's What You'll Find Inside:
  • The Woodsmall's timeless speech about the state of entrepreneurship - and how you can embark on the adventure.
  • 6 Secrets of the Entrecode™ Modeling Project that Wyatt and Marilyne conducted. This collection of models and deep insights about how entrepreneurs ACTUALLY DO what they do (as opposed to what they SAY they do) has been kept hidden until now - find out why.
  • PLUS: Who's in for a surprise? Marilyne has a special gift to offer...
  • In addition to your VIP Access page, Marilyne will also send you her collection of Timeless Sales Truths.
  • The world of sales has radically changed in our modern technological age, and when you're in the trenches and in the flurry of phone calls, scripts, contracts, meetings and outlook crashing on you when you least need it... really helps to focus on a quick set of core sales truths - especially when that sweet deal you have hanging in the loop is actually in limbo and might even be slowly slipping from your grip without you realizing it.

Just a quick glance at a Sales Truth and BAM! you're back in the mindset of the Core Salesperson.

You will start getting Marilyne's Timeless Sales Truths twice a week starting this week. These tips are short, straight-to-the-point, and packed with real world strategies for sales and marketing success.

Over the next few months we will be adding fresh, new, power-packed and wisdom-soaked, deliciously engaging content. So take a moment to bookmark this page now.

 - M & W Woodsmall