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Who Are The Woodsmalls?

The Woodsmalls are known as “the experts on experts,” who are able to rapidly identify and decode that critical all-important “difference that makes the difference.”

Somehow, they are able to discover that key distinction and elusive insight that no one else can. Often times that pivotal extra detail can mean the difference between a solid business or a tragic ‘hole in your pocket’ bankruptcy, a thriving, nurturing relationship or bitter feelings gone awry. The difference between success, power and accomplishment – as you define them – or lost dreams slowly slipping away, desires fading into deadening numbness and pathetic powerlessness.

Together the Woodsmall Team form Advanced Behavioral Modeling Inc., a professional modeling team able to capture, decode, replicate, and transfer remarkable expertise in a specific trade-craft or elite skill-set.

Savvy Marketers, Venturous Entrepreneurs and Global Business Leaders call the Woodsmall Team “the wisest modelers, trainers trainers, spiritual leaders and business teachers alive”… and the list of well-known marketers and business leaders who freely reference Wyatt and Marilyne as their primary mentor in the fields of psychology, motivation, entrepreneurship, personal growth, systems thinking, behavioral change and “general business awesomeness” is absolutely mind-boggling.

Here Are Some Examples:
  • Eben Pagan (Founder of Double Your Dating and the creator of Get Altitude and Guru Mastermind) regularly endorses the Woodsmalls to his client base of millionaire marketers to buy and soak in as much Woodsmall Wisdom as they can.
  • Joe Polish (Founder of The 25K Group and Co-Host of The iLoveMarketing Podcast) privately consults with the Woodsmalls and has personally invited them to his 25K Mastermind roundtable discussions.
  • Dean Jackson (The Self-Proclaimed Lifestyle King of Leisure and Co-Host of The iLoveMarketing Podcast) got the chance to meet the Woodsmalls early on and has been profoundly influenced by their models and insights for life and business.
  • Brad Fallon (of the now fabled StomperNET mega launch) consulted with the Woodsmalls to gain a new and fresh perspective about life after success.
  • Jeff Walker (Inventor of The Product Launch Formula Responsible For Millions Generated Online) became a coaching client to seek out new ideas about life and business success.
  • Tellman Knudson (Creator of The List Building Club) worked with the Woodsmalls in the areas of personal growth and business expansion.
  • Tim Ferriss (International Bestseller of The 4-Hour Workweek) was inspired and heavily influenced by Marilyne’s and Wyatt’s books, teachings, and powerful (and profitable) framework models.
  • Tony Robbins (Author of Personal Power and International Motivational Coach) was personally mentored by Wyatt in his early developmental years and was invited to participate in and apprentice with Wyatt in the US Army Pistol Project, known as Project Jedi.
The ability of the Woodsmalls to build very powerful marketing models, sales formulas and unbreakable business systems has been envied and copied for decades by many of the best (and most successful) growth-entrepreneurs, marketing pioneers and business leaders on the Internet and in the real world – many of them freely admit using their proven models and systems as templates for their own business breakthroughs, increased profits and lifestyle success.

They use the Woodsmalls’ wisdom because it works.

As the elite pair of professional behavioral modelers, Wyatt and Marilyne are truly unique in developing and constantly seeking new, refined models for a small personal cadre of private clients — this technology commands fees that cause unprepared clients to choke.

They actively get bookings up to a year in advance from around the globe. Their diverse client base includes growth entrepreneurs, both small business and Fortune 100 companies, international training centers, top executives and managers, cutting-edge health care researchers, Wall Street hedge fund managers, pioneering educators, world class Olympic Gold Medalists and their coaches, PGA and LPGA tour coaches and athletes, and more. This remarkable team is consistently creating models and unbreakable systems that operate like clockwork.

As teachers/trainers of developing advanced skills in the fields of sales, persuasion, NLP, marketing, management science, value theory, negotiations, learning, creativity, coaching, consulting, training, personal growth, spirituality, relationships, parenting, and lifestyle success, the Woodsmalls are responsible for helping high-performance individuals and an undeniable multitude of otherwise clueless entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their act together.

The wonderful testimonials you’ll find touting their influence and teaching include nearly every famous and infamous online marketer in existence.

Together both Marilyne and Wyatt have touched a lot of lives over the years and continue to do so with passion and commitment.

The Woodsmalls’ career path is now legendary:

Wyatt started out his modeling path with Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the newly emerging field of NLP, which is also called neuro-linguistic programming, over 30 years ago.

With the early NLP fanatical craze, a lot of disturbing trends started to emerge which prompted Wyatt and Marilyne to retain the original integrity of the Modeling approach (which in its initial forms were comprised of therapy-based NLP Models) and expand it into fields other than NLP. This has developed into their own highly sophisticated and proprietary Advanced Behavioral Modeling Technology™.

They are the pioneers in applying modeling to business, sales, education, athletics, manufacturing, spirituality and entrepreneurship… and transferring these models into powerful and effective trainings and proven business tools.

And they live and work today on the cutting edge of elite modeling and entrepreneurial adventures all around the world. Today they’re side by side in the trenches with clients from over 50 countries in practically every business category under the sun: from personal development to assembly lines to online marketing to healthcare and medicine to supplements and nutrition to financial advisers, Olympic athletes and coaches and on and on.

The Woodsmalls speak at only a handful of seminars and summits each year, turning down most invitations so they can focus on their private clients and on decoding new elite high performance models through Marilyne's Institute For Global Leadership, part of The Children of Light and Wisdom Foundation, Inc. (This past year’s itinerary included Washington D.C., London, New York, Munich, Istanbul, Cairo, Casablanca, and Dubai.)

To this day the Woodsmalls are the ONLY trainers and modelers who still personally consult with entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers around the world. (To reach the Woodsmalls to set up a consultation, email Benjamin at:

Wyatt and Marilyne’s sage advice, business critiques and hiring consultations have helped create business empires and have also guided the owners behind these business empires to succeed in every realm of life.

Wyatt and Marilyne have always been truth seekers at heart who relish the power of knowledge.

One of their hot business adventures was spent in the UK, modeling 50 successful startups from bootstrapping business owners – also known today as entrepreneurs. The result of this 6 month Advanced Behavioral Modeling Project became what Marilyne named the EntreCODE: The DNA of Entrepreneurship.

Another “Master Model” they had the opportunity to develop was with a WWII concentration camp escapee who became a language teacher to the stars in Beverly Hills. He developed a remarkable method of teaching foreign languages in an astonishing span of three and a half days. He was hired by diplomats, movies stars and even the late Princess Grace of Monaco. Interestingly, this ‘Master Teacher Model’ complemented Marilyne’s Learning How to Learn Technology.

Other noteworthy modeling projects that took the Woodsmalls on a journey to seek excellence was with the US Olympic Diving Team, where they modeled the top US divers, including Greg Louganis, his personal coach, as well as other top US coaches. Marilyne developed a whole series of Mind Coach® Technologies specifically designed to guide elite athletes to higher performance levels, providing an extra edge in the throes of fierce competition when all the glory in the world can be lost in a millisecond. It would be an understatement to say that this technology has helped to win a few gold medals.

Crafting a world-class sales pitch isn’t rocket science… yet it does require a unique “a-HA!” moment of clarity that most salespeople never have. The Woodsmalls have also had the privilege of modeling high-end sales and compliance professionals. They have crystallized the results of this powerful sales model in their high end sales training.

At the end of the day, if you truly have a product or service that your prospect needs… then it’s your job to understand and communicate in a way that connects… The Woodsmalls are fond of saying, “It’s not what you intend to communicate that matters, it’s what the other person perceives you as saying that counts.”

That… and the implementation of a solid business system that “runs the business” and allows you to be free so that you can focus on growth, lifestyle, other business ventures or other projects. The Woodsmalls have created a step-by-step model which has already helped over a thousand entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders to become more effective and to reach their higher levels of success.

The achievements you seek, the relationships you treasure, and the power you may desire, will not be fully realized until you understand the nature of your communication and the communication of other people. It’s really the foundation of ANY business.

Here is where this truly unique and powerful duo of Marilyne and Wyatt Woodsmall can help to get you moving on the right path in ways you may not be able to imagine right now. If you’ve ever wondered how business actually works and how wealth is actually created, you’re in for an honest, eye-opening discovery that can really change your life and your business forever.