-- A Personal Letter to --
Event Coordinators & Meeting Planners 
Hiring a Keynote Speaker

Dear Friend,

Your job is tough.

I know. Since 1990 I have had to coordinate some or all of the training, scheduling, material, facilities, marketing, transportation and lodging of no fewer than two events per week with attendees ranging from as few as 10 to as many as 1,200. Man-oh-man, I feel your pain! Where is the Meeting Planners Guide that makes selecting your Keynote Speaker a piece of cake? (Maybe we should write that together?)

Trying to make a good impression on the attendees, keep your cool with support staff, coordinate vendors and keep the boss happy is hard enough without having to deal with some aloof speaker. To this day I am dumbfounded how often experienced, “professional” speakers miss deadlines for material requests, make unrealistic (and expensive) travel demands and, my favorite, don’t show up until 47 seconds before it’s time for them to speak!

These experiences, combined with my Southern hospitality upbringing, have filled me with appreciation and empathy for what you do. Therefore, it is my goal to a) not be a pain in the rear, and b) make your job as easy as it can be, at least as far as securing a solid speaker for your event.

Contact Dr. Tom About Being Your Keynote Speaker


Here are the promises I make to you. I will…
  • Provide you all of the material you want and need before your deadlines.
  • Be one of the top 3 easiest speakers you’ve ever worked with.
  • Roll up my sleeves and help you if things don’t work as planned.
  • Be cordial, friendly and professional during any and all before or after events to meet your staff and clients.
  • Arrive early to all functions.
  • Make you look good, which includes not making any off-color jokes, insensitive remarks or general foot-in-mouth comments.
  • End on time.
  • Help you create and deliver powerful marketing materials and messaging to help you boost attendance.
If I make you look good and am easy to work with we will both get plenty of adulation, goodwill, kind remarks and even standing ovations. (It is a little embarrassing when they throw roses at your feet but we’ll get used to it!)

I thank you for researching me and my offerings and I look forward to helping you create the best event ever.

You can follow this link to Contact Dr. Tom in the way that is most convenient for you. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the most talked about meeting your attendees have ever experienced!

To your health and success,
 -Dr. Tom SIG

-- Dr. Tom Speaker Sheet --

For: Meeting planners, event organizers, speaker bureaus, agencies and anyone interested in booking Dr Tom for a speech

Dr Tom Yarema is a pioneering physician passionately committed to bridging the best of all systems of Medicine and delivering practical, cost effective solutions to his patients.

He is the author of a 7 ­time, national award ­winning patient guidebook and cookbook EAT TASTE ­HEAL, now in its 9th printing, current Medical Director of Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine, Soquel, CA, past National Director of Clinics and Wellness Centers for Kerala Ayurveda in the US, co-­formulator and Scientific Advisory Board member for nutritional wellness products selling more than $250M worldwide, a sponsor study monitor for animal studies of meal supplements demonstrating benefit in apraxic and autistic children, an international large ­stage presenter on health & wellness, and the creator of an internet-­based educational program utilizing nutrition and lifestyle for the reversal of diabesity/metabolic syndrome.

When not working, he enjoys with his wife the household chaos of two children and one foster child, occasionally retreating into the solitude of ocean waves and old ­growth redwoods surrounding Santa Cruz, California.

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Lessons from the ER: True stories from a young ER Physician in America's most violent city.
East Meets West: Amazing Results From Integrating Eastern Healing to Western Medicine
Soul Of Healing: How to feel the depths of your being for spiritual health
Eat Taste Heal: Delicious recipes and Ayurvedic Principles for maximum health for your body type.
Hope & Health: 3 stories with the Dalai Lama, Aretha Franklin and SOMEONE COOL about the future of healthcare and longevity.

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