Interested in Being a Top Partner or Star Affiliate?
Most companies in our industry, if they even have an affiliate program, only offer a measly 2, 5 or 10%. :(

We offer affiliates a whopping 30% for every sale of our products.

Furthermore, we give you LIFETIME COMMISSIONS!

We track via cookies, email addresses and physical address to ensure you get paid using Infusionsoft. Once a person enters our system via your links they’ll stay linked to you for life!

Current EPC across all of our affiliates is roughly $1.19 per click.

Our average order size is $101.95.

Furthermore, if anyone signs up for an affiliate account under you, you’ll also receive 5% 2nd tier commission on anyone they refer to us.

We have text links, banners and emails links available leading to the home page or any of the individual products. With these you can tell your friends or recommend these products.

You may not make any financial or medical claims in your advertising. According to FTC guidelines we must monitor and inspect how you are making affiliate sales and promoting our herbs. Spam, fake blogs and news sites, and other deceptive practices are not allowed. If you violate this term of service then we reserve the right to terminate our affiliate relationship.

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In future we may need to change these terms for new affiliates so be sure to sign up now, to lock in these commissions and start promoting.

Please note that you cannot get commissions for products you buy yourself under your own link. If we notice this the commissions will be voided.

You are allowed to receive commissions in products at discounted prices if you’d like, just contact us for details.

You’ll be paid by PayPal or check each month (a $100.00 minimum for checks) by the 5th each month for the previous months sales. In most cases you’ll be paid on the 1st.

If you need any help send an email to:

“Benjamin approached me with the opportunity to promote the new Woodsmall Wisdom company to my email newsletter. I figured I would send an email make a hundred or so bucks and then call it a day. I was BLOWN AWAY with how well the promo went! Since then I’ve sent just 3 more emails and coupled with Benjamin’s affiliate commissions for life I’ve made $2,667.37! And that’s just from 4 emails! If you’re reading this, then I highly recommend you get started promoting Woodsmall Wisdom today!”*
– Eben Pagan, Info Entrepreneur,

* Income Disclaimer: Results not typical. Your results will be based on what you do with the affiliate program, not just signing up for it. In 2014, (1) The average earnings for all affiliates on a annual basis was $1022; (2) The median earnings for all affiliates on a annual basis was $0; (3) The percentage of affiliates who have earned nothing is 68.37%.