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Executive Coaching
By Marilyne and Wyatt Woodsmall

What is our Executive Coaching Program?

Our Executive Coaching is a guiding/mentoring/advisory relationship formed between a given client who has decision-making and/or managerial authority and responsibility in an organization and ourselves, the Expert Coaches who have modeled top performers in business, athletics, government, education, health care and industry.

True coaching is a serious responsibility. We have been coaching for thirty years, decades before coaching and so-called “life coaching” became the trend that it is today. True coaching goes beyond taking a course or two and then putting out your coaching shingle as a certified coach.

In our coaching process, we utilize a wide variety of behavioral change technology, as well as specific methods and areas of our expertise to assist the client to achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction, and in so doing, consequently, to improve the effectiveness of the client’s organization.

In short, our brand of Executive Coaching entails the providing of performance advice and the facilitation of performance improvement or transformation to higher levels.

The goal of our coaching, no matter the context, is to bridge the gap between the current level of performance and the desired level of performance and/or outcome. As Expert Coaches, we also provide technical expertise to diagnose and to resolve specific classes of complex issues.

Moreover, we take pride in providing effective and relevant feedback to improve the performance of our clients such that they achieve their desired outcomes.

We certainly do not espouse hype and prefer to focus on real change, long-term change that goes beyond motivational fluff and excitement that is short lived, at best.

Our distinctive brand of Executive Coaching provides sustained changes that facilitate goal attainment and performance enhancement, either in one’s work or one’s professional life.

Our clients have told us that they view us as serving different roles in our work with them: as trusted role models, as advisers, as mentors, as wise people, as friends, as stewards, and as guides, to name a few.

We see ourselves as all of the above for different clients.

Finally, we describe what we do as working with emerging individual and organizational forces to tap into new areas with passion, to shape new vision and future plans, and to generate desired results.


We are accepting a few new clients, based on the application process on this site.

How the process works:
We are ready to assist you in making personal changes in your life and business. Drawing on our extensive background in coaching, training and change work, we can assist you to make major or minor changes in your life. We are also equipped to advise you on business decisions and on strategic planning in your business. As experts in human typologies, we can counsel and advise you on relationship issues. The sessions are designed to assist you in achieving any outcome that you set for yourself. The sessions are informal and, of course, confidential.

How this is done:
Phone sessions: weekly for a minimum of 3 months.
2 day live Breakthrough Sessions in the Washington DC area.

We have found that single sessions are not effective in real change work, and we prefer to work with people who are committed to long-term change, not motivational hype.

The typical situation:

You have nagging personal or business issues that are getting in the way of your achieving your professional and/or personal outcomes. These may vary from your inability to focus to procrastination to the inability to plan or to achieve results, etc.

Business issues may include relationship issues, inter and intra personal issues, and the need for creative solutions to business problems.

In working with us, you will experience a new lease on life; and you will dramatically increase your performance, productivity and profitability.

Contact information:

Fax:   (703) 757-7946

Here's what to do next:

After you have answered all the questions please email us or fax us your answers:

FAX:   703-757-7946

We will personally read your response and reply within 3 business days. Thank you M+W.