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Our 6 Stage Process For GUARANTEED Consulting Success
with Wyatt and Marilyne Woodsmall

What Is “Real Deal” Business Consulting Anyway?

As long time business consultants with over 35 years of experience in well over 250 industries and niche categories (in and outside of business), we have developed a customized 6 STAGE WOODSMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING PROCESS to ensure success that spans decades.

We take great pride in having evolved and refined the fine nuances of our unique business consulting approach to keep up with a constantly changing and rapidly transforming world.

“Real Deal” Woodsmall Business Consulting is about “Real Results in Real Time” that guarantee success.

What Exactly Do We Do As Business Consultants?

We bring to the table a wide ranging scope of globally proven models combined and connected to a treasure trove of technical tools, precision skillsets, specialized mindsets, and niche specific expertise. As “the experts on experts” we can often quickly see the “difference that makes the difference.”

The first phase is always to diagnose and resolve specific classes of complex issues that are limiting business success. We have several proven and powerful models we go through and ask the nesesary questions to pin-point the exact issue or “system of issues.”

The most common problems that we see these days are: more sales, more profits, more stability, more financial independence, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and enhanced lifestyle.

Since business itself covers a wide range of enterprises from a sophisticated multi-national corporation to a local mom and pop operation, business consulting also covers a wide range of skill sets and areas of focus.

Thus, there is not a generic template that works all the across the board. There are consultants out there who would have you believe the contrary.

We have found that the variables involved with different types and sizes of businesses require particular approaches that fit their respective characteristics.

We prefer to tailor the Woodsmall Business Consulting Program to fit the needs and the outcomes of the particular client in order to enhance success and satisfaction.

The 6 Stages of the Woodsmall Business Consulting Process:
  1. Diagnosis Stage of the current situation including strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities as well as the determination of what needs to change.
  2. Designing Stage which focuses on determining what steps need to be taken and how the change should proceed.
  3. Aligning Stage where it is determined what means are necessary to align people with the change.
  4. Enabling Stage which determines what skills and resources will be required to make the change.
  5. Implementation Stage where the change is implemented and facilitated.
  6. Action Learning Phase which focuses on what learnings need to be captured, and what corrections and adjustments need to be made.
Our brand of Woodsmall Business Consulting may focus on different areas and contexts.

These vary from leadership and management and supervision to communication and team building to strategy and systems to sales and marketing to name a few.

Woodsmall Business Consulting also uses different tools and multiple models ranging from executive coaching, life skills coaching, training, mentoring, counseling and (in some rare cases) even therapy.

There are many more distinctions that we make regarding our unique consulting approach.

If you would like to become part of our special consulting clientele, we invite you to complete the application process below.

We are delighted to discuss the different possibilities with you when you become a serious client.

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To see if you qualify, fill out the application and send it to our office by mail, fax or email.

By Mail:  PO Box 642, Great Falls, VA 22066
By Fax:  (703) 757-7946
By Email:

Our Confidential Clientele List
We keep our consulting clientele list confidential. We respect their privacy and their request for secrecy and anonymity. Some of you have asked for it over the years, yet we are not at liberty to disclose such information. It goes without saying that we would extend the same courtesy on to you.

However, if you are seriously interested in becoming a client, we can reach out to some of our pre-approved clients who have given us permission to share their names.

In some cases we have taken on consultants and consulting companies as clients. Over the years we have modeled many experts and collected a vast library of proven consulting models, many of which we have incorporated into our trainings. These include our Trainers Training Skillshop, our Coaching For Coaches Skillshop and our Enhanced Sales Skillshop.

Other Consulting Options Available..
  • Our Sacred Relationship Consulting Process
  • Our Purposeful Parents Consulting Process
  • Our Star Performer Consulting Process For Athletes