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Elite Modeling
Key Modeling Questions:
  • What is your particular outcome with this modeling project?
  • Whom would you like us to model?
  • What specific skill or skills do you want us to model?
  • Whom do you know who embodies this skill or skills?
  • Do you have access to this individual or individuals?
  • To whom would you like this skill transferred?
  • What increase in productivity, if applicable, are you looking to achieve?
  • What performance levels, if applicable, do you hope to achieve?
  • Is this time sensitive?
  • How much cost saving do you envision as a result of this modeling project?
Here's what to do next:

After you have answered all the questions please email us or fax us your answers:

FAX:   703-757-7946

We will personally read your response and reply within 3 business days. Thank you M+W.