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Success Stories

Eben Pagan - The $10 Million Man

“The Woodsmalls are brilliant and I attribute much of my lifestyle and business success to them and to the ideas they have shared with me over time.”
 – Eben Pagan, Founder of Hot Topic Media, Double Your Dating, Get Altitude and Guru Mastermind, a $10 million company

Joe Polish - Dead Broke Carpet Cleaner Transformed To Celebrity Business Connector

“My friends Marilyne and Wyatt Woodsmall have been instrumental in all facets of my knowledge including: Sales, Persuasion, Marketing, Small Business Success, Coaching, Training, Consulting and Lifestyle Success”
 – Joe Polish, Founder of The 25K Group, The Genius Network & 'Dead Broke Carpet Cleaner'

Dr. Richard Bandler - Mind Pioneer & Creator of NLP

“There is no one who knows more about NLP than Wyatt Woodsmall, and he is one of the few people in NLP today who are actually doing modelling and extending the limits of its applications.”
 – Richard Bandler, Creator of NLP - AKA: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Otto Ruebsamen - Digital Marketer

“The Woodsmalls have helped me to understand and create influence with people, rapport with other people combined with rapport with myself and how to merge the two in a ethical and ecological way. They helped me to figure out how to get extremely effective and play at a very high level.”
 – Otto Ruebsamen, Digital Marketer and Real Estate Owner

Ken Krell - Globe-Trotting Entrepreneur

“Wyatt is a genius at NLP and HOW the brain works and how to get people to buy your stuff.”
 – Ken Krell, Creator of Solutions

More Success ★ More Praise ★ More Gratitude

“Marilyne is one of the world’s foremost experts in NLP, typology, modeling, people patterns and peak performance. I have never met anyone with the width and depth of knowledge she has across so many different areas of life, it’s truly amazing. Her books and other information products are inspiring, detailed and prescriptive.

Marilyne has been the mind coach behind many top business people and Olympic athletes. My strong recommendation is that you buy all of her materials, hire her as your personal coach and your life will never be the same again – in a good way!”

 – Robert Coorey, Best Selling Author, Feed a Starving Crowd


“Powerful. Productive. Provocative. Those are my three words for the illuminating work of Marilyne and Wyatt Woodsmall. People Pattern Power is a do-not-miss education about the human soul.

We all have developed patterns of communication. We live under the massive mis-conception that everyone besides us ‘should’ behave and communicate like us.

However, that method of communication frequently does not get our desired results, leading to feelings of frustration and a lack of productivity. There is an easy fix.

Buy People Pattern Power. It identifies and illustrates nine key human patterns that, once learned, become invaluable tools for implementing enhanced communication. Why does it work?

Two reasons:
  • You will learn what YOUR patterns are. This is so valuable – and fun!
  • You will learn how to read others with as little as a movement of their eyes, or with, perhaps, only one word they say.
I landed a large sale after watching a client do one thing with her eyes and said one word I was able to ‘hear’ in a totally new way. I replied to her in a way that was completely comfortable to her patterns. She just lit up! It blew my mind when I put this into practice. I was so proud of myself.

I read the book once – then again, taking notes and wearing down my yellow highlighter. I painstakingly went back over my website making subtle, yet profound, changes to words and phrases so as to utilize as many People Patterns as possible. It was worth it. My website has gotten rave reviews and sales have increased."

Thanks, Marilyne.
Quite sincerely,

 – Michael Evje,

P.S. Using what I’ve learned from People Pattern Power is real blast at social events!”



If you want success in business and life you have to read this book. It is groundbreaking!

People Pattern Power gives deep insights how people work and behave. You learn how people cope with change, how they make decisions, what motivates them and much, much more. By using the People Patterns you put your communication with people on a completely new level.

This book helps me to create excellent communication with my clients and business-partners every day. It also helps me to understand my clients’ needs and motivations better.

In addition to that, this book has a great benefit in my private life. Now I can understand my significant other better. We created a deeper connection and understanding for each other. Finally, People Pattern Power helped me understanding myself better.

If you want excellent communication with other people – read this book!”

 – Sebastian Rehrl, M.Sc., Germany, Munich


“These CDs are much more than a perfect way to meditate and relax. Her inspirational story is layered with lots of information in the form of insightful Laws and powerful processes about how to control your mind. Its so well done that you don’t realize just how much information is packed into them. Marilyne is clearly ahead of her time with her work.

I cannot say enough about the ‘Mind Coach’® CDs by Marilyne Woodsmall. They are a power house of wisdom and practical knowledge for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of how to succeed professionally and personally.

These CDs are much more than a perfect way to meditate and relax. Her inspirational story is layered with lots of information in the form of insightful Laws and powerful processes about how to control your mind.
It’s so well done that you don’t realize just how much information is packed into them. None of what she presents is hype, like some things nowadays.

Also, Marilyne is clearly ahead of her time with her work — these CDs came out long before other people began speaking about certain concepts (such as the notion of thought as vibration, manifestation visualizations, among other things) which she had already presented in these CDs and in her teaching.

Not only did I gain so much from these CDs, my cats did also. Whenever they hear them playing, they lay back and take in the Mind Coach’s voice and who knows what else!”

 – Lynne R., Retired Wall Street Executive


I see significant value in using this wisdom for encouraging the primary prevention of heart disease.
My patients with serious cardiovascular disease will benefit from the experience of learning with Jaren and the ‘Mind Coach’®. The Mind Coach’s method is relaxation, but the message goes far deeper into the Mind-Heart interaction. I see significant value in using this wisdom for encouraging the primary prevention of heart disease.”

 – Robert T., MD, FACC, Preventive Cardiologist & Professor of Medicine


“In my 12 years+ of selling and sales training, this is the most comprehensive and relevant sales training course I have attended. What we have covered is a must see for all sales people.”
 – John Schell, NZ.


“This morning I went to ‘The The Rain Maker Position’ in one of my sales and now have a $30,000 order. I believe that had I not applied the The Rain Maker techniques that I learned, I would not have landed the contract.”

 – Mark Adent, Client Services, Bennett Graphics, USA.


“This could be a very relaxing tool for my patients and could aid them in developing their higher consciousness…

The voice of the ‘Mind Coach’® induced an immediate hypnotic state. This could be a very relaxing tool for my patients and could aid them in developing their higher consciousness.
This could be so helpful for those with a terminal illness or any illness, as there is so much that treatments and medicine do not address….

This could help people to understand their own truths and open to healing in a way comfortable to them.”

 – Candice D., Chiropractic Physician


“Marilyne has gifted us with the deepest universal secrets of peak performance as well as resurrected the art of ancient storytelling.

In my opinion, Marilyne has gifted us with the deepest universal secrets of peak performance as well as resurrected the art of ancient storytelling. If you are in the least bit interested in performing to your absolute best, no matter what you do, these CDs are a must!

With deepest gratitude and sincerity,”

 – Dharma G., NLP Trainer and Spiritual Teacher


“I find The ‘Mind Coach’® Series CD set to be spiritually and philosophically enlightening. I do feel it is a series for the intellectual who is wanting to find some inner, self-satisfying ideas that will allow one to have a much happier, rewarding life.”

 – Robert S., Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine


“I feel enthused and inspired. Thank you for making me fall in love with my sales career again. NLP here I come.”

 – Dawid Falck, Vodafone New Business Sales Manager, NZ.


I have dedicated much of my life to personal development. My objectives have been self mastery. I have countless books, listened to hours of audios, attended over 100 live events, and coached with some of the so called gurus in self development. None of the people I have been exposed to were able to empower and equip me with the strategies and tools I learned from Wyatt and Marilyne Woodsmall. From what they taught me through the trainings I attended I have literally not only multiplied my income, but my life flows with more ease. If you are serious about creating results that are growth directed and sustainable look no further.

 – Chris Yonker, 3M


Dear Marilyne,

Having attended and very much appreciated your September 2011 Workshop entitled “The New Way of Being: Steering Your Course in The New Vibrational Landscape,”… I am writing to say Thank You for this incredibly informative and supportive seminar.

Not only did your presentation regarding ‘The Essence of Self – Who Am I?’ help me increase my self-awareness, but also it taught me the tools to be joyful in service and access the power of my truth. What I liked so much about your presentation, Marilyne, is the love and unity with which you offered your material – every atom of your being was engaged in sharing, with exactitude. You were truly present with each of us during “The New Way of Being” Workshop, which is the hallmark of a truly great teacher and coach, in my opinion. You kept the threads of discussions together and you answered every question in depth with reason and compassion – well done!

I came away with happiness and the desire to be love in action, with dignity, integrity, and respect – for myself and all others. I recommend highly this positive and enlightening workshop, and I look forward to participating in future events of your making, because I know they will be offered and delivered with the same elegance, expertise, and grace. Many Thanks, Marilyne, for a wonderful experience.
Kind Regards,

 – Kathy Riley


I have known Marilyne for nearly 20 years. She has a wonderful gift of providing clarity and understanding to ideas. She is a true expert and has always been years ahead of the times with her work in behaviors, learning, spiritual wisdom, and personality type analyses. Marilyne’s books, CDs, talks and teachings share much knowledge on personal growth, entrepreneurship, leadership, and a pathway to meaningful living.

Many people on the bandwagon today are saying what wise Marilyne has been sharing since the early 1990s. Marilyne is a brilliant, inspired pioneer and visionary; and the world is finally ready to hear “The Truth”.

 – B. Hunter


I met Marilyne on the 11.11.11 There are no coincidences only perfect timing!

The Wise Lady has taught me many Expanding and Enlightening ideas and has shown a gentle patience with me as I continue my journey into Self Awakening and heightened Awareness.

Marilyne has Love, Warmth and Compassionate Understanding for all beings.

She is so Insightful and is able to see things that others cannot.

The depths and heights of her Knowing and Teachings will have far reaching impacts in our Consciousness and thus the World.

 – Sally-May Schinkel, Australia


Marilyne is a genuine bright light for parents and their children who seek to understand how to tap into the mind/body connection for enhancing life’s endeavors. She knows how to reach people on a level that allows for targeted reflection and growth. As a university professor and the parent of a high performance athlete, I value the thoughtful and sound methodology used by Marilyne to help my daughter understand how mental patterns affect patterns of behavior and achievement. My daughter was able apply holistic techniques for growth and harmony in all aspects of her life. Our mother/daughter relationship was strengthened as I became better at supporting and encouraging her journey through adolescence and young adulthood. Marilyne’s teachings utilize a strengths-based approach to help families develop a positive, nurturing environment in which children learn to purposefully navigate life’s challenges.

– Kelli T., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education/Assistant Dean


The best place for me to start, is why I pursued Marilyne to help us. My daughter had become an elite diver during her high school years. She was disciplined and steady in practices, but as her competitions took to an expanded geography, her performance was not matching her practices. Her diving coaches could not explain how she was “diving for 9’s in practice and 5’s in competitions”. Finally, my daughter, in tears, asked me to find her help.

That’s all I needed to hear. I was not going to give up until I found the right person. I called several psychologists who claimed to be athletic and understanding. That wasn’t what she needed. I combed the bleachers of her dive meets and finally heard about this “miraculous woman…who was quite simply, the best”. I was prepared to send my daughter anywhere, but (may I use the would “but” here?) I learned she was in the Great Falls area, not far from us. It was the first of many coincidences…

It took a few months to arrange a plan for my daughter, partly due to scheduling, partly due to making sure that the fit was right. Marilyne’s coaching is very complex and difficult to describe… It is very intensive, with some sessions lasting three or more hours depending on the progress. My daughter was exhausted and almost broken at times. She worked on writing and meditations between sessions.

Needless to say within weeks, her competitive diving reflected her practices. Her practices improved. Her personality matured. She blossomed into the wonderful young woman she is today and she maintained contact long after working with Marilyne.

I once asked my daughter playfully years later “How did you become so smart?” over a impressive observation that she made. She calmly smiled and simply said “Marilyne”.

 – Michele Pecora, CPA

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