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Video 1. The 6 Secrets of the EntreCODE Live at Altitude
Eben Pagan’s thirst for Woodsmall Wisdom at his $10,000.00 Top Gun Get Altitude Entrepreneurs Training Event in Los Angeles.
Insiders Note: This event was a pivotal moment in the history of our industry, at one point (off air) Eben asks the Woodsmalls for some key feedback regarding the size and level of transformation of the audience.

Key Concepts:
  • Wyatt lays down the foundation of advanced modeling and its relationship to entrepreneurial success… he also throws down a challenge to the unique breed of entrepreneurs in the room
  • What entrepreneurs and leaders ACTUALLY DO what they do (as opposed to what they SAY they do)
  • Good Business People VS Entrepreneurs
  • FAILURE ALERT: The Achilles heel of entrepreneurs… and what to do about it so that you don’t lose it all and join the “crushed dreams club”

Download The EntreCODE Notes

Video 2. Marilyne and Wyatt's Future ofthe World Speech
Shifting grounds, in this video Wyatt actually predicts the current business incubator trend.. plus discover how you can listen to the call to embark on the adventure of a lifetime… starting from wherever you may be.
Insiders Note: In this video Wyatt mostly speaks about the knowledge and vision created from Marilyne’s Children of Light and Wisdom Foundation in 1998 – a full 10 years before the event!

Key Concepts:
  • Where the world needs to be going… and spotting a superior opportunity
  • The Amazing DREAM… and the Harsh REALITY: High growth startups Vs. rapid decline start downs – pure utter failure on an inevitable downward death spiral to oblivion.
  • The 3 Stages of the WORK
  • How to make a difference in the lives of your community
  • The corporate mess, innovation and the creativity GAP
  • Power and Control Culture Vs Achievement Culture
  • War, Poverty, Disease, Con×ict… and Problem Solvers
  • The SINGLE MOST important factor for Success: Fame, Fortune, Fulfillment, Peace, Profits, Leisure, Joy, Wealth, Freedom… and why no one teaches it


Woodsmall's 5 Secrets to Success Video

Marilyne's Timeless Sales Truths

Marilyne's Report 1: The Motivation People Pattern

Marilyne's Report 1: Decoding Expertise


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